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Welcome to MEND Water®. Experience the finest water on earth delivered to your home or office.

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Contact Us

Questions regarding Home and Office delivery
Call us at 800.565.MEND or send us an email at info@mendwater.com
Home and office membership concierge staffed Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM PST

Questions regarding Public Relations
Call us at 949.400.MEND or email pr@mendwater.com

Donation Request, Sponsorships, and Product Placement
To make a water donation request for an event, to submit a proposal for a sponsorship opportunity, or to inquire about a product placement opportunities, please write to our corporate headquarters or call 800.565.MEND and ask concierge to speak with our Request Department

MEND Water® Company, Inc.
620 Newport Center Dr. Suite 1100
Newport Beach, Ca. 92660

LOCAL: 949.400.MEND (6363)
TOLL FREE: 800.565.MEND (6363)

MEND Water® is the ultimate in health and hydration. Developed using the latest technology in the purification and enhancement of water, MEND is a highly sophisticated, ultra-pure, PH balanced water that delivers electrolytes, organic trace minerals, and alkalinity to your body as it needs it most. Every sip counts. Scientifically developed, water is deconstructed and reformulated using the latest technology to deliver an ultra pure, PH balanced, high alkaline, and electrolyte enhanced water. Water, essential to our survival, makes up 70% of our bodies. Why then wouldn’t we want what’s pure and good to be the essence of the water we drink? Unlike others, MEND is strips out all traceable contaminants and reformulates the water using the latest technology to deliver a highly sophisticated, electrolyte enhanced, PH balanced water that is the ultimate in healthy hydration. Read More [+]
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